Best practice for placing ceiling security cameras in hallways

by Lorin


I typically place two cameras (crossfiring), 20 feet apart within hallways to capture objects 30 feet down the hall (effectively covering 60 feet of hallway). I have settle upon this design by observation, however was hoping to create the engineering standards behind this design to better support my designs. Can you help with the numbers.



To answer your questions I would need to know some additional information. Just some basics like, What lens are you using? What is the height of the cameras? You have already mentioned the distance.

Then we could draw out the exact details of what you have done.

The other option is to download some software and just put in your cameras and the angles and distances and it will do that for you.

Below is a link to the design tool. You get a 30 day free trial of the software (without putting in any credit card information) and you can set up your cameras as you described and print out the results.

It is one of the top software design tools for CCTV in the world. All the experts use it. (Well probably not all but there are many that do.)

CCTV Design Tool

Let me know if that gives you what your looking for.


Peter Brissette
Security Camera Expert

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