Analog Signal
Key Camera Specification

Analog signals are produced by security cameras. Analog signals are continuously variable, and are greatly affected by ‘noise’ (disturbances) within the system, and recordings of analog information (such as videotapes) degrade over time. Because of this tapes are rarely used any more. This doesn’t occur with digital signals recorded on media like CDs, DVDs and computer hard drives.

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In analog CCTV Security Camera Systems the signal is converted to digital data in a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and stored on a hard drive.

The analog signal is also referred to as the Video Output Signal. Typically will be shown on security camera spec sheets as VBS 1.0Vp-p Composite, 75ohm. This is the basic analog signal that is created by the camera. The distance the signal can travel is limited. It starts at the camera as 1 volt and it must end up at the output at the same voltage. For standard RG59U coax cable the typical distance is about 750 feet. There are a variety of ways to extend this distance. To learn more visitConnecting CCTV Security Systems.

1 volt peak to peak – is the relationship as represented by the wave pattern of the video in electronic form. In GSP America Full Body cameras this can be adjusted for longer cable runs so the end result is 1.0Vp-p.

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