Alarm Input

When attached to a security camera, an alarm input provides enhanced security in the form of a sensor device, often a door contact or a Passive Infra-red detector for motion detection. Alarm inputs can be self powered or can require external power (usually 12V).

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An alarm input can be used with a PTZ security camera. The camera can be programed to respond to the alram input and move the camera to view the location where the alarm was triggered. Alarm inputs can also be used with DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) to issue record commands so that the video is recorded based on the alram input that is triggered.

Alarm inputs can also be tied to other security systems and use notification protocols so that previously specified individuals are notified when they are triggered. Alarm inputs are also most often tied to typical security systems that are monitored so that police can be notified in a triggered event.

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